Full Catering

Full catering includes 3 meals, and morning, & afternoon tea and supper. Our planned meals are inviting and nutritious. However, Camp Cooriemungle catering staff will work closely with individual groups to ensure that the special needs of all participants are met. The quantities provided ensure that there is plenty for seconds.

A large group that stayed with us over the weekend recently put together a very diverse menu that provided special treats for everybody. Aas with this group, alll meals may be served inside or outdoors, and can also be prepared for off-site activities.

Meals times are:
Breakfast8 am
Lunch12.30 pm
Dinner6 pm

For schools and similar groups, Camp Cooriemungle encourages the nomination of students to Duty Groups for assisting the other members and leaders at mealtimes. These Duty Groups have set responsibilities, and are required for breakfast and dinner and, depending on the type of meal arrangements, for lunch as well. A senior member of the group needs to assist with supervision of the Duty Group and at all mealtimes.

Self Catering

For those groups staying in the main camp area that wish to look after their own meals, our main kitchen is fully equipped to a professional standard. Your group would need only to bring consumables such as food, drinks and cleaning materials.

A great way to ensure that all mealtimes run smoothly, is to nominate a competent person from your group the responsibility of being in charge of the kitchen.

For families staying in our Shipwreck Coast house or cabins, we have a communal kitchen / recreation room with cook top, fridge/freezer, all kitchen/dining utensils, lounge,air hockey, table tennis tables and pool table. A gas BBQ is available if required.