In 1938 the Cooriemungle Prison Farm was opened and helped the Forest Commission to clear bushland in the Heytesbury area. Accommodation was provided for 60 prisoners who were serving out the last term of their sentences. They had the opportunity to learn new skills, as the farm was to be self sufficient with dairy cattle, sheep, pigs, a sawmill, orchard and a vegetable garden.

On 1st December 1977 the prison farm closed.

In 1981, 20 hectares of the site was handed over to the Department of Conservation and Environment and reserved for public recreation to utilise the existing facilities while retaining the original atmosphere and preserving the historically significant buildings.

Most of these original buildings are still in place and some have been restored. The Prisoners Mess is now the dining room, the officers quarters are now bunk rooms for campers. A large semi circle of huts which are the original prisoner cells are still in place. 

From 1989 the camp property was leased to private enterprise to conduct a holiday camp. They demonstrated how commercially viable this could be. 

Fast forward to 2022 and current owners Nicole and Brent Oberin welcome school and other groups, campers and travellers, and tourists. They also offer a unique space for celebrations- weddings, birthdays, conferences etc.